What Our Clients Say

“I just wanted to send you a special thank you for all the quality work you do. I finally had a moment to take a peek at the website and the changes you made look great! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I think this will go a long way with maintaining advertisers as well as gaining new. Also, thank you for the ad you put together. They are happy! And we’re all happy!”
–The Ohio Light Opera 

“Thanks so much for getting the layout to Gail so quickly . . . . I am thrilled that everything worked out so well (and so easily!). I must say . . . I do wish that everyone was as delightful to work with as you and your team!”
–Pointe of Departure

“I received the printed booklets today. Thank you. Your program books are very well done.”
–Kendal at Oberlin

“Hurray !!!!! Thank you so much Gail— you were wonderful to work with—and you did a fabulous job!”
–Tuesday Musical

“You are an absolute life saver . . . thank you . . . thank you . . . thank you.”

“Looks good . . . thank goodness there are people like you who still pay attention to grammar and sentence construction.”
–Rockynol Retirement Community

“I also want to say thank you for all your help throughout the year. I feel confident sending ads to you, knowing you will make sure everything is in order, or you will alert me to any change or adjustment needed to make it right. I really appreciate that!”
–Baldwin Wallace University

“. . . [a reader] just called to tell me he had a chance to look at your book. and he gushed about how stunning it was—he praised the design and said it was a ‘work of art.’”
–The Braun Group

“. . . [the book] looks amazing! You and your team are extremely talented.”
–Summit County Historical Society